When Sullivan Enterprises, LLC set out to expand the Wisconsin Oven Distributors facility in Eagle, WI, they chose Katt Construction as General Contractor. They could have chosen any other commercial construction company for their industrial building expansion, but it was our professionalism, transparency and authenticity that were the deciding factors.

It was clear to Tina Binder (owner of Sullivan Enterprises, LLC – landlord) that Katt Construction would be the best partner for the facility expansion project. Tina, then owner of Wisconsin Oven Distributors and currently the Chief Executive Officer of Memmert USA, LLC (building tenant)  – from an operation standpoint, having everything under one roof just made sense.

According to Tina, “We interviewed six construction companies. Unlike other prospective general contractors, Herb Katt demonstrated a solid, down-to-earth approach to handling project details, especially his company’s cost estimate. It was a big step putting that addition on to our facility. We chose the construction partner we could put our trust in.”


Like every commercial construction project, we first sit down with the customer to listen to and understand their needs. This is a critical step in understanding their requirements, budget and time frame. It also gives us the opportunity to gather inputs needed so team members like our engineer can create a design plan proposal.

Katt Construction coordinated all aspects of the project. That included submitting building applications with the town and working directly with county officials to address their requirements. Our team members speak the same language, which brings peace of mind and convenience to our customers. Our customers are running their business, they don’t need to get deeply involved in this aspect of a facility expansion project.


The company was leasing cold storage space at an offsite location in its business park. Building the additional space at its main location brought everything under one roof, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

Tina recommends Katt commercial construction company. Here’s why:

  • Owner Herb Katt’s transparency and proactive approach to providing bids when comparables were required.
  • Katt Construction team members practice timely and professional communication, answering questions and doing what they said they would do.
  • The project was on schedule and on budget.