Lakeside Curative Services (LCS) holds a special place in our community. This non-profit organization recognizes every individual’s limitless potential.

Their mission:

“LCS Provides Training and Community Engagement for Youth and Adults of Varying Abilities to Enhance their Self Esteem and Quality of Life.”

We are grateful to have partnered with the organization on construction, remodeling and design projects that served that mission.

According to Mary Beth Popchock, Executive Director, “Herb goes beyond the bricks and mortar and mechanics of what we needed done. Herb always takes the time to ensure that a project is done with respect and understanding of the people we serve. As General Contractor, he brought in the right subcontractors based not only on their expertise but also on their patience and respect for LCS Participants and Staff. Herb and his crew members were consistently sensitive to the needs of our business.”


  • Thanks to a Johnson Foundation grant, LCS was able to convert 2 glass structures from a local manufacturing company who no longer used them into a greenhouse. The structures are used by LCS to provide horticultural therapy. They help LCS clients gain valuable skills, such as seeing a project through from start to finish. We made the buildings functional and brought them to within code.
  • We performed a change over, converting factory space (machine shop) into a lunch room / break area. We also enlarged the bathrooms and added additional accessible stalls.
  • There is green space behind the LCS building. We created a large, permanent canopy area that provides much-needed additional space for summertime classes and outdoor break area.


  • In terms of design projects, we designed and constructed a protected arrival/exit space for LCS clients. It used to be a canvas awning, which didn’t provide participants with much relief from the elements while they waited for transportation. Now the area is glassed in, protecting folks from rain, snow and wind. It also improves LCS’s energy efficiency.
  • The office space remodeling allows for greater collaboration, idea sharing and improved services for participants. We removed the individual offices and replaced them with open work spaces and several impromptu work or meeting spaces and/or quiet space for participants to use for relaxation.

We’d like to thank Ms. Popchock for recommending us and including us in their efforts to improve their ability to deliver their mission.



“Herb Katt is an honest, professional and reliable general contractor. He really cares about our mission and making sure that each project serves that mission. It isn’t just a job to him. He cares about the projects. If there were any issues, I would contact him and one way or another each one would be resolved promptly. He’s a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him without reservation.” – Mary Beth Popchock, Executive Director, Lakeside Curative Services.