Marini Manufacturing is an industry leading provider of precision machined components and assemblies for the on-road and off-road markets as well as the engine and energy markets. They brought Katt Construction in to renovate office space, install new lighting and repair water leak damage.

Because of the lubricants they use in their manufacturing plant, plant employees entering the office area track in a lot of oil, which contaminates the carpet. There was also a water leak that caused a lot of damage to the office. The leak, which took place during a weekend when there were no shifts running, lead to several inches of water in more than half of the office, destroying carpet, drywall and insulation.


Katt made numerous upgrades to the office to repair the damage and make it both presentable and functional.

New Lighting

  • Installed brand new light fixtures with dual switching lighting so that one or all three bulbs are on for reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.
  • Raised and installed new, concealed head sprinklers.

More Professional, Modern Renovations

  • Added a seating area, coffee bar with a granite counter top and refrigerator to entertain clients.
  • Mounted flat screen televisions for meeting area.
  • We studied the traffic pattern of plant employees as they entered the office area. They walk on tile area now instead of carpet and wear disposable booties over their work boots, improving the appearance of the floor and reducing cleaning costs.
  • Raised the ceiling from 8 to 12 feet for better aesthetics.

The Finishing Touches

  • Moved several doors for better traffic flow and re-did all of the door frames.
  • Cleaned up all of the solid oak doors and re-stained them.
  • Covered all painted block walls with drywall.
  • Raised all outlets to standard height and added outlets (electrical and data) to be up to current codes and for convenience.
  • Added a window in the vestibule.


We were honored to continue our business relationship with this 3rd generation manufacturing company. We’ve had a long standing relationship with the owners.

This project began as a small project. However, like many renovations, it grew in scope and was too large for the client to manage without professional assistance. This is the type of renovation project where we excel. In our experience, it’s a better investment for the client to do one major renovation than a series of smaller ones over time.

We worked on a time and materials basis. There’s a trust factor. We give them all the backup paperwork. We agreed upon a target with the client and we work towards it.