Project: Kenosha News Office Build-out
Supervisor: Nicholas Katt
Location: Kenosha, WI
Services: General Contractor
Square Footage: 7,000


​The Kenosha News is a daily newspaper published in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The paper serves southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois.

As the business evolved, it developed new expectations for its office space. The original building took up an entire city block. However, the entire building wasn’t being fully utilized. The client’s goal was to move into a more efficient, right-sized space, which was more centrally located to its customer base.

Katt Construction was brought in as General Contractor to build out a large, shared office area. It features a great room in the center surrounded by offices. We also expanded the size of the break room.

The electrical work included updated lighting in parts of the great room, additional outlets for copiers, wiring power to cubicle systems, power and lighting for a new computer server room as well as moving switches etc. to accommodate the new layout of the work spaces.

The project also included repurposing existing cabinetry by upgrading the tops and changing some design elements which we coordinated. The building was completely re-wired for data to all the offices and each workstation, all terminating at the new computer server room. Electronic swipe card security was added to entrance doors and a security camera system covering the office areas and exterior were also installed.

Lastly, all new floor covering was installed across the building as well as fresh wall and trim paint.

We are grateful for the long relationship we’ve had with this customer.  They appreciate that we take pride in being attentive to their budget and schedule. We worked diligently and proactively in offering ways to deal with a few challenges and do it in a positive, problem-solving manner. It’s our job to stay attuned to costs and to keep the client informed of alternative, budget-friendly solutions.

We coordinated the following:

  • Architectural
  • Engineering
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Floor covering
  • Wall and trim paint