Project: Taylor Mart
Location: Racine, WI
Architect: ARC Architectural Group
Square Footage: 4,400


The Taylor Mart convenience store and gas station located in Racine is popular with local residents. Their retail space is well-maintained, clean and well-lit. It’s also staffed by very friendly employees. So their facility needs to feature solid construction and a smart layout to support their thriving mini-mart business.


When it comes to retail petroleum construction, every Katt Construction project is custom-designed.

Why? It means we meet each customer’s unique construction needs. Our performance on the Taylor Mart project helped us earn a reputation as one of the best gas station builders and construction companies in Racine County.

Every job site or location has its own characteristics or challenges. Building a gas station on one end of Racine County can be very different from building a gas station on the other end. The same goes for the city. This requires a general contractor with decades of experience.


Customers such as the owners of Taylor Mart choose Katt as their construction partner because they recognize the importance of proactive communication, complete invoicing transparency and deep experience in general contracting in the retail space.

Our goal on every service station project is to maintain clear and timely communication with our customers. We would rather over communicate than under communicate.

Katt’s business was built on complete transparency. No one likes surprises and we take that seriously. There are no hidden costs in our retail construction projects. Or any other projects for that matter.

In order to learn about a prospective gas station contractor’s past experience, always ask for their references. We are firm believers in providing our customers with the evidence we can deliver on our promises. That’s why we encourage them to reach out to our past construction customers about our performance. We also suggest customers make sure their gas station contractor provides the necessary licenses.


Here’s a rundown of the highlights of this successful gas station construction project.

  • Our crew performed the paving during an unseasonably cold winter. In fact, it was snowing while they worked. However, it was imperative that we complete this part of the project successfully and on schedule to help the owners meet their target occupancy date.
  • The small size of the job site required us to carefully manage material delivery. Some of the interesting aspects of this project included relocation of utility poles, close proximity to residential neighbors and coordination of subcontractors and material staging due to the small site.
  • The owners of the Taylor Mart are extremely happy with our performance of our crews and the outcome of the project.