Commercial real estate owners know their property will not always be perfectly suited to every tenant’s business operation. Some commercial tenants grow their business rapidly while others have to shut down.

In the case of growing tenants, not all of them want to set up their operation in an entirely new location or facility. That can be very costly and risky.

A viable alternative for them is building more space in which to operate their growing business. That’s where a commercial buildout can be the optimal solution.

Another situation where a custom buildout is an ideal solution is when a commercial building changes hands and the new tenant is a different type of entity. This is common in the retail world. For example, when a retail clothing store is replaced by a restaurant.

Under these circumstances, a commercial buildout saves money and time. It’s an effective way to get the space ready for occupancy, which is critical to a business’s bottom line.

Let’s take a look at several different types of businesses and the reasons behind why each would consider a commercial buildout:

Automobile service centers: When consumers choose to prolong the life of their vehicle, they naturally spend more of their income on maintenance and repair. This trend is a boon to vehicle service businesses and auto mechanics. To keep up with the growing demand for basic engine repair and maintenance, auto repair shops add service bays because each new service bay represents a new revenue stream.

Restaurants: Many dining establishments require special or purpose-driven food preparation equipment. Providing a unique and inviting atmosphere for diners is a proven strategy for differentiating a restaurant. These are primary drivers in a restaurant owner’s decision to renovate their facility.

Schools: In the academic world, teaching methods evolve. What was considered standard education method 20 years ago, may not be appropriate today. Furthermore, education technology is constantly changing. As a result, classrooms and school facilities need to keep pace in order to accommodate these new methods and technologies to provide a suitable learning environment.

With decades of industry experience under our belts and a turnkey offering that takes your project from design through construction, we leverage our resources to ensure you get a custom buildout that works for your organization and budget. To find out more about our custom buildout services, contact us today.

new employee breakroom as part of commercial buildout project