Project: Ace Stamping
Location: Racine, WI
Architect: Ideal Structural Design
Square Footage: 22,000


ACE Stamping and Machine Co. Inc., corporate headquarters is located in Racine, Wisconsin. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility provides complete metal stamping for its industrial customer base.

ACE is built for precision and efficiency. Featuring a modern floor plan, all of its manufacturing operations are conducted in the same facility. It utilizes over 35 presses and can handle almost any size job. It also has an in-house tool room as well as long term die storage and state-of-the-art inventory programs.

Thanks to more than 50 years of experience and success, the company grew in popularity. This led to a need for more space to stay ahead of increasing customer demand.

In short, ACE was bursting at the seams because of an influx of new orders. For example, the company needed enough space to conduct periodic inventory. It also needed to expand certain operations like de-burring with larger equipment so that it could attract and fulfill larger customer orders to grow revenue.


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Our custom-built industrial buildings offer clear advantages:

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This industrial addition project went smoothly from start to finish. According to Mark Chaffee, former Operations Manager, “Herb is very enjoyable to work with as well as the rest of his team. When we ran into issues, he came up with solutions.”

For example, radiant heat wouldn’t have been an appropriate option for the new structure. So, Herb was proactive in partnering with a well-respected, local HVAC company on a viable solution. This meant Mark didn’t have to worry over the issue, Herb had it under control.

Here’s a rundown of the project’s impact:

  • The facility improvement enabled ACE to expand its de-burring operation, which provided additional revenue opportunities. It went from 3 to 9 machines. And the new machines had larger capacity.
  • ACE had the appropriate amount of square footage needed for conducting its inventories efficiently.
  • City officials complimented ACE on the clean, professional appearance of the building.