Project: Butter Buds, Inc.
Location: Racine, WI

Butter Buds Inc. is a Racine, Wisconsin based developer & marketer of innovative, all-natural concentrated dairy flavors and specialty flavor ingredients. The company selected Katt Construction as the General Contractor for its new wastewater management system project. Their goal was to create and install a wastewater management system in compliance with city, state and federal requirements.

Katt worked directly with Butter Buds, Inc. Butter Buds selected an engineer to design their wastewater treatment system. They specified the equipment and decided where the waste was going to be stored. The company’s production takes place in their main building, which is where the waste product is generated. However, the waste is stored in a separate, adjacent building.

A private drive separates the two buildings so the new system transports the wastewater underneath the drive. Katt oversaw the boring of three separate lines under the road as well as 5 lines that went into the second building into their tanks. All the work was performed in conjunction with the city plumbing inspection department.