Project: Twisted Cuisine
Location: Kenosha, WI
Architect: Katt Construction

Case Study: Restaurant Build Out in Kenosha County



For Twisted Cuisine owner Rhonda Bell, the restaurant life is her passion. She is very involved in the business, having worked diligently to grow it since 2006.

Her hard work and that of her entire staff paid off. The word got out in Kenosha and surrounding areas about their unique take on preparing delicious cuisine. They found themselves in need of additional dining room space. Consequently, she reached out to Katt Construction to assist with the restaurant build out.

Finding the Right Solution

At Katt Construction, founder Herb Katt believes there are three essential components to every build out project. Integrity. Communication. Responsibility. “We’re completely invested in the client’s success. And that takes rock-solid integrity. Our goal is to be among the most trusted restaurant contractors in Wisconsin. We know restaurant owners and property developers have a choice when it comes to their construction partners. We want them to be comfortable choosing us.”

A project manager is essential to an on-budget and on-time build out process. Having an experienced, highly responsible point person for all the project stakeholders ensures that pertinent knowledge of the project is centralized. It also ensures that the client receives timely communication throughout the project. Running a restaurant is demanding. The last thing a restaurant owner wants is surprises.


We mapped out and completed a project plan for Twisted Cuisine that converted a storage room to additional dining area, doubling their customer seating capacity.

The build out included removal of supporting walls, patch & refurbish of hardwood floors, new electrical, ceilings & finishes.

Herb Katt and his staff have an extensive knowledge base when it comes to restaurant construction. They work with clients to develop a tailored project plan and provide you with a team of subcontractors and craftsmen to build out a restaurant space that you can be proud of.